Hi all, I’ve decided to create a new blog dedicated to articulating my daily thoughts. After reading about the benefits around the mental benefits of keeping daily track of one’s thoughts and activities, it seems a no-brainer to try to replenish my diminishing dictionary of words via this method. It would mainly be a series of short excerpts of my current thoughts and musings like Twitter, except there is no 140 character limit on blog entries. I’ll try to make each entry as meaningful as possible, and if not possible then it hopefully would be entertaining to the reader(s). Online memories are as light as a feather and there is no guarantee it would be kept in one form or another, until we all start getting plugged into a form of virtual reality.

A little background, I’m currently working at a financial institution in Toronto in a data consultant role, which deals mainly in analysing and producing actionable deliverables for various initiatives via statistical modeling and analyses in SAS. I’ve thrown in a few data visualisation using R for fun and it has proven useful that I’d be using it as a complement to SAS. In our current world riddled with excessive amount of information being able to decipher and find patterns within oceans of data is a challenging and exciting opportunity to those who are statistically trained. Fortunately while studying for my actuarial degree I took a few (mandatory) statistics courses were practical in nature such as simulations, applied probability, and forecasting. The language of statistics is quite similar to the decision-making process of a computer, hence the extensive use of statistics in artificial intelligence and ‘smart’-items like watches, cars, and wearables.

It would be interesting to see how long I can keep this up, considering that my previous online endeavours gave way after a few months, life in the real world is just too interesting.


One thought on “\ˌin-trə-ˈdək-shən\

  1. errxr : I would say it is quite interesting that you get to swim in the oceans. you must be quite a swimmer 😀 cant wait to read your next post.


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