01/10/2016 – Overtime

When I was working at an actuarial consulting firm, there is no real concept of working ‘overtime’ since everyone is more or less working the same hours (translation: work on it until it is completed). This instilled a culture of intense focus and tendency to stay at the office until you’ve done enough to satisfy yourself or the client/boss. One of my wiser colleagues told me that “there is always a tomorrow”, which is a philosophy I begun to adopt towards long term projects and goals.

Naturally, the next question to ask is, what if there is no tomorrow (Rocky III!)? What if today is the day before that project (that you’ve been working on for so long) gets axed, being fired from that job (you enjoy), or separating with a loved one? Sometimes it’s a force of will to move on and return to the fray.

Perhaps instead of being rushed for the future, cherish the current moment, because you never know when there might not be a tomorrow.

Including that overtime you might be doing right now.


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